BSL has a unique approach to magazine licensing

For over 15 years, BSL has been bringing together companies from around the world for the purpose of magazine licensing. We access the selected output of hundreds of publishers, presenting titles on a weekly basis to decision-makers on the BSL database.

We have a standard service that includes searching for suitable contacts, negotiating agreements, arranging template contracts and legal back-up, and providing a complete administration service once an agreement has been signed and come into effect.

BSL's premium service

BSL has in the past been asked to:

  • Plan a campaign on a territory-by-territory basis;
  • Create and monitor a custom response package;
  • Make individual approaches with a tailored presentation;
  • Rescue a pre-existing agreement that's run into trouble.
  • Enhance a magazine’s licensing potential

For customised work of this kind BSL offers a bespoke premium service.

10 things you need to know about magazine licensing

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