The Complete Guide to Your Smart Home

The Complete Guide to Your Smart Home

Future Publishing Ltd

Home tech has massively exploded in the last couple of years. There are more gadgets available to purchase in shops than ever, and knowing exactly what you need, as well as understanding all the marketing hype that manufacturers come up with, can be a bit of a headache. In this guide, you’ll find out how to make life at home better than ever through a variety of connected tech upgrades. Whether it’s improving your comfort levels with a smart thermostat that actually knows how warm you like your home, or controlling all your smart things just by using the power of your voice, rather than physically turning anything on, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need here. The guide is split into six handy sections, each covering a different aspect of the smart home, allowing you to choose the area you’d like to upgrade and find out more about it. You’ll discover the gadgets that you need to get things working, which of them is deserving of your hard-earned cash, and how to use each one.

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