Filati Linea Pura

Filati Linea Pura


Specific magazine to showcase the use of environmentally friendly yarns. Casual summer knitting made of environmentally conscious, sustainable yarns. More and more people are worrying about how to live in an environmentally conscious way and minimize their ecological footprint. A matter of the heart, therefore, is our LINEA PURA collection, which consists predominantly of vegetable and renewable materials and is thus 1st choice for animal rights activists and vegans. We place our trust in our long-standing supplier in Northern Italy, know their production processes and set short paths in terms of the environment. For WAKAME, we gently harvest algae in clean, Norwegian fjords, the ORGANICO cotton is 100% sustainably grown, and at SOLO LINO we help old linen to a second life by recycling and reusing it.

2 issues a year

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