Lucire (Bookazine)

Lucire (Bookazine)

Jack Yan & Associates

LUCIRE is a major fashion magazine from New Zealand. Launched in October 1997 as an online title it began print publishing in 2004. The magazine offers top-quality articles and photography that appeal to the world-conscious, 21st-century consumer. LUCIRE's message is "accessible luxury" - recognizing that aspiration, style and engagement go hand-in-hand. LUCIRE has grown internationally, covering the part of the market that needs to have the "tactile connection" of a printed fashion magazine, or as its founder puts it, a "soft-cover coffee-table book.”

LUCIRE is not only one of the finest women's magazines in the world, the content is also used as source material for Lucire KSA, an in-flight magazine commissioned by Saudi Arabia’s national airline. Publishers can select from archive to create their own customised book, bookazine ­– or in-flight magazine.


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