Unicorn Universe

Unicorn Universe

DC Thomson

Unicorns are everywhere, especially on children's TV. A young girl's bedroom has become a paddock of mystical one-horned beasts masquerading as cuddly toys, fluffy earmuffs, necklaces, glittery stickers, emoji cushions and sparkly pencil cases. So welcome to Unicorn Universe – the magical magazine that’s full of all things Unicorn! Readers learn how to make sparkly crystal slime, build a Minecraft unicorn palace, and create rainbow nail art. It’s also packed with free Unicorn cover gifts, fun quizzes and puzzles & prizes. Unicorn Universe is the ultimate super-sparkly, feel-good magazine and it’s ready to make an entrance in your part of the world.

Licenses for Unicorn Universe are quick, easy and inexpensive. We’re waiting to hear from you.

12 issues a year

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