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First, Best, Always... The world's premier magazine dedicated to the glory of skin art -- those who create it and those who wear it. Each issue of TATTOO is packed with profiles of tattoo collectors and the awesome ink slingers from around the world who make their incredible living canvasses possible. And each issue has special sections on the far-flung diversity of the tattoo culture - you will peek into the world of SAVAGE, FLASH, INK FASHION, and REBELRODZ all within the pages of TATTOO magazine. For over 25 years, our titles have presented the beauty and evolution of body art. With over 1.25 million readers per year, no other publication comes close to the sheer scope and size of the Paisano Tattoo Group. Reaching a younger audience, the average reader has multiple tattoos, spends thousands of dollars per year on clothing, jewelry, and, of course, tattoos.

6 issues a year


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