Dein Spiegel

Dein Spiegel

Spiegel Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co

In "Your SPIEGEL" every month topics from politics, nature, sports, business and culture as well as reports from around the world are presented informatively and entertainingly. The booklet contains all the classic sections of a news magazine, with a child-friendly weighting. For example, nature and technology occupy more space than business. Jokes, comics and mystery pages provide entertainment and relaxation. But the most important thing is: the young readers are taken seriously. This means: "Your SPIEGEL" meets them on the same level, is instructive, but not instructive. The booklet is clearly structured by the color scheme and is oriented in the entire design on the classic SPIEGEL. Infographics and illustrations help to make complex contexts understandable. The editorial staff of SPIEGEL-editors and documentaries from all departments of the news magazine is supported. Correspondents from all over the world report on "Your SPIEGEL", for example from China, Russia, Africa or America. In addition, children 's reporters have their say: they conduct interviews with well - known politicians, sportsmen or artists. Available for license around the world.

12 issues a year


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